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Eric SchifferSeop is one of the best critics and movie reviewers ever known in the history of mankind. His background and many other factors give him the backbone required to make accurate criticism and analysis of movies. Through his contributions in the movie industry, he has been competent to encourage many movie directors and at the same time shun some attitudes displayed in movies. He is one of the authorities in movies respected by both movie producers and directors. He does not only focus on modern twenty first century movies, He also analyzes archaic movies. Oftentimes he discovers some good concepts in antique movies that have been thrown into the trash can and therefore encourages modern movie producers to reintroduce them into the movie industry.

His Nativity

He hails from Queens in the New York City. This wonderful background is one of the factors that strategically positioned him to great exploits in the movie world. Having grown up in Queens, Seop was the first to witness of many movie shows and hot events. He was also interested in movies even from his childhood and therefore devoted ample time towards studying them. He criticizes movies because of no other thing than his love for the movie industry.

Positive Criticism

The work of SchifferSeop has redefined criticism. Obviously there are some critics who use their abilities to condemn others, but this does not define criticism to the utmost. There are basically two categories of critics such as positive and negative critics. Negative critics are the ones commonly seen in the world today. They appraise people prejudicially and then condemn them. This goes a long way to calumniate people’s reputations.

However, positive critics like him do not aim at the tarnishing of people’s image, instead they do their best in order to highlight their subjects’ strength and at the same time condemn their negative aspects. Eric SchifferSeopfills this wonderful void in the movie industry and through his contributions to the movie world; he has spurred Hollywood to great achievements. If there is any other time the world needed positive critics, that time is now.

Primerica Company began the business in 1970. There are more than the 126,000 employees is working in the company. The Primerica is the well known company in the industry of life insurance. The company has more than six millions clients in different countries like USA, Canada, Spain and Puerto Rico. The Primerica is the licensed company which offered mortgages loans, credit facilities, debt reduction programs, mutual funds, long term insurance .The company agents offers products free of cost first time first to firms, it is not an aim of the Primerica to push and force client to purchase the product, but the mission is to provide information related to the financial problems.


The Primerica is incorporated company through Federal Trade Commission, Security Exchange Commission, if any body has doubt against company, the individual also check the status in the official websites of the countries. The sponsor or associates of the company establish their home office or a network of the entrepreneurs which basic aim is to develop you as an entrepreneur to start your own business. They company provided the legal advices related to your business or sponsor 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The Primerica is a real professional company offered right products of life insurance to the customers to save money .The company structure based on the network marketing and multi marketing models. Company follows the mail list manager in the operation which totally depends on the selling of the product to people. The purpose of the company is sale, when agent or sponsor sale the product they get commission